I'll take you somewhere new with me

and together we'll always be

Welcome to What is human?, the TFL approved fanlisting for Malice Mizer, the amazing and incredible Japanese band. This band saw several member, image, and sound changes throughout its time and was officially placed on hiatus in 2001. Since then, many of its members have pursued solo careers. When Malice Mizer was active, they produced music that helped to define the genre of visual kei as it is now and are still a major influence even twenty years after forming and ten after disbanding. If you are a fan of this amazing band, please feel free to join the fanlisting! :)

What is human? was last updated on May 29th 2021 with a total member count of 2605(+0 pending) from 81 countries. Welcome Lilli to the list! Powered by Enthusiast.

Previous owners are Haley and Valorie. Thank you so much Suzanne for letting me adopt this fanlisting! :)

The current layout was designed in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and coded in Notepad. It has been tested in Firefox and Safari and should work in most browsers. It features an image of Malice Mizer from 1998, otherwise known as the Gackt era :) I first discovered Malice Mizer in the Gackt era, so it is really nostalgic for me to use this image for the layout. I hope you enjoy your stay here! :D

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